Custom Modules


Wrote shell script utilizing drush and alias files (also written) along with a cron job set for five minute intervals to synchronize the MTA's east coast server with their west coast (fallback) server so that if the server was affected by any weather, or other event, (specifically Hurricane Sandy) the site would continue to be available should the east coast server goes down, but the site would be current and transparent to the user.

Skirball Institute

New York University's Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine
 wanted to rewrite their site using the open source CMS Drupal so that it would be much more manageable. Some functionality was provided by contrib. modules from the Drupal community, however where they fell short custom modules were written to meet the remaining requirements. SVN and Agile techniques were implemented to manage the project.


The NYSE’s project was to recreate their multiple web properties migrating from various legacy systems and add some portals with the Open Source CMS Drupal. The large team (100+) involved other companies, consultants and internal NYSE personnel. Our sub-team was responsible for up to 8 (out of 20+) sites. One intranet provided services/data to most if not all the other sites, making it a cornerstone of the total project.